Stag do in Warsaw – we have a perfect idea for football fans

If the future husband is a football lover, you need to include some footy in stag do plans! And we are now explaining how to do it in a wicked and unforgettable way.

This night you and your mates will go on the pitch to fight for a real football trophy! Um, or actually for a trophy. You can choose the venue for your convenience (indoor sports halls, indoor football pitches, outdoor pitches, sand etc.). All the places in our offer are suitable to play this unique football variety called bubble football.

Football mode where gravity is not a thing, all actions are spectacular and there are no age or fitness limits. Your muscles may feel a bit sore after the match but your stomach muscles will also find it hard to handle massive amounts of laugh during the game! And after the final the winners lift the cup! The entire event may be personalised to suit your tastes and preferences. It might be hard to invite Howard Webb to do the refereeing but we will do our best to help you get a tailored experience. All in all, we will strive to facilitate a nice and friendly atmosphere, safety and memories (with pro filming equipment we are capable of creating a Highlights video of your game, etc.)

And after the game? What tastes better than a good pint after the game?. Perhaps it will also be a perfect timing to watch your favourite team playing in the league? Or maybe already hit the clubs? How about the famous tram party? No matter what you choose, we will be happy to assist you and make your stay easy and comfortable.

Feel free to use our booking page. Let us know when and we will take care of the rest.

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