Binocular football available now in Warsaw

If you decided to visit this website, it surely means that you are a true football aficionado. We bet that you cannot wait till the next Premier League or Champions League to begin. Such events are without a doubt thrilling and full of magical moments….but today we would like to offer you two ways of becoming a football star yourself. Those are bubble football and binocular football.

Let us start from the first one – it is based on using a big rubber ball to cover the upper half of your body and try to play football as normal. It may be difficult to move, but on the other hand you do not need to worry about injuries or other effects of falling down. Your body will be secured by several layers of rubber used to create the zorb ball you are in. Playing bubble football is a great way of spending free time, making closer bonds with your friends and colleagues, and taking care of your health condition. You will be wildly satisfied when you finally manage to score the very first goal about the opponent team – that is more than certain! What is more, you will burst into tears laughing when you see your friends falling down and struggling to keep their balance…in many cases unsuccessfully. Above all else, you will be granted a unique opportunity to experience your favorite sports discipline in a slightly different, funny, and safe manner. We can ensure you that the discussed idea is undoubtedly worth giving a try.

Let us now spend some time discussing the second football variation – binocular football. It is yet another way of making typical match of football remarkably more difficult. The premise of the game is to equip all the players with special goggles impairing their vision and making spatial orientation almost impossible. Then, the opposing teams try to do their best to score at least one goal and take the win home. We can ensure you that this form of entertainment is completely safe, as you will be supervised by a professional referee, who will stop the game if something dangerous is about to happen. Try to outsmart and outperform your friends or colleagues and show them that you are the real king of the field, capable of scoring goals regardless of the conditions and the obstacles you have to overcome. As you can surely imagine, the game has become an indispensible part of stag parties and team-building events, especially due to its competitive nature and the challenge it creates for the contestants. After a match or two, you will be able to safely say that you have participated in a magical event that has taken football to a whole new level. Thanks to our company, you will also learn that entertainment can have various flavors and faces. Bubble and binocular football are some of them for sure!

Finally, we have an astonishing information for you – from now on, the bubble football + binocular football package is available in Warsaw thanks to GmoodsBall website! Check our offer and combine those two unusual ways of spending free time together!

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