Bubble football as a spectacular team building idea

You may have been participating in countless teambuilding events but we can guarantee that your bodies never before have been in such wicked positions!

Our bumper balls will make you fly, roll and most of all – get bumped and bumped and more bumped by other balls players. And your colleagues will love it and will have lots of fun reminiscing such a hilarious event.

Gmoods Ball Championships – a must have for your next corporate team building event organized in Warsaw or Cracow.

Gmoods Ball Championships is a perfect way to surprise your colleagues and come up with an extraordinary teambuilding activity. Gmoods Ball brings football experience and integration to a new level. Your game will be so exciting, you will literally be flying!

Our game is totally in accordance with Health & Safety rules but in our case it doesn’t mean you will get bored at all. In fact, sometimes it can even look like an extreme sport when you see a player being bumped into the air or knocked to the ground by opposite team players. Such moments are crème de la crème of the entire bumper ball experience.

Lots of good fun and emotions along with hilarious moments guaranteed! We may not necessarily be able to spot any of the Premier League level action on the pitch, we are not counting on brilliant passes and spectacular goals, however seeing some silly moves will definitely make everybody laugh and this is the key to enjoying the event.

Best teams will be awarded and all other teams… will be desperate for a rematch!

The idea is simple. Either in Warsaw and Krakow you need to set a team of 3-4 people with one player on the bench (hockey substitutions allowed) and then we create the cup roster. The tournament will always end up with a grand finale.

In Gmoods Ball the name „wicked game” gets a new meaning and you are more than likely to see plenty wicked moves, hilarious fouls and maybe even fantastic goals, but scoring is not a piece of cake! We however guarantee that even a goalless draw will be full of great highlights to watch afterwards.