Bubble football – what is it all about?

Have you ever heard of Bubble Football? It is pure madness in the world of sports. Bubble football rules are similar to a regular indoor 5-a-side game with a slight modification – all the players wear transparent bumper balls filled with air.

The aim is to score more goals than your opponent but some players tend to concentrate on other parts of the game, such as tackles, bumps and other attacks. On the opponent, of course. Be ready to experience the art of flight when your mates track you down and smash you  15 feet away just like on a rugby game in outer space. But don’t worry too much, the balls are designed in a way to avoid injuries and bruises plus, you get complimentary knee-pads.

In Bubble Football you can easily ‘move’ the opponent feet away which will make you and your mates laugh really hard. We bet you will start just bumping one another like crazy! And all that can be filmed if you only wish us to. Highlights are even more funny.

Back to the rules, teams of 5 (4 outfield players and the goalie) face each other in a game on a given venue (sports hall, outdoor pitch, football ground, even sand or snow). The balls are in different sizes and are all equipped with padded harnesses for easy handling. Please note that the minimum height required to play Gmoods balls is 140 cm.