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Bubble Football

#all over Europe

While playing Bubble Football, participants are inside big inflatable balls which allows them to do absolutely anything without the risk of getting injured or hurt. Jumping, bouncing off each other, doing somersaults or event standing upside down – you’re free to let your fantasy drive your moves.
Take your lads and enjoy the de-stressing session of bubble footy!

Shock Football


2 teams & 2 leaders. The players put on the electric calf bands which cause a short-term shock and a sudden break from the rhythm of the game - with high voltage, but low intensity, they are powered by AAA batteries), and the leaders have remotes to the opponents' band. To avoid overusing this powerful weapon, a leader can only use the remote once per 10-minute quarter.
Can you imagine that? One team is coming with a dangerous attack, exchanging lovely passes when – all of a sudden – SHOCK! - the man with the ball goes down after a remote electric attack of the opponents’ leader!
Sounds a bit extreme or hard core? Well, shock football is a game for real men, daredevils and those who are not afraid of extreme experiences! 🙂

Alco Football

#Cracow #Warsaw

You think you’re a splendid footballer? Then put on the alco-googles and try playing Alco Footy! You think the ball is right in front of you and there’s no way you can miss it? Oooops! Looks like you haven’t even touched the ball and everyone’s having a laugh after your missed kick! And that’s the
point! 🙂
You are in front of the empty goal, with no one to stop you from scoring? That’s not a 100% chance when you play Alco Football! In this game, every single kick can be a tough one and that brings on unforgettable fun for all participants!

Snook Ball

#all over Poland

This most obvious combination of pool and football called Snookball is a game loved by participantsvof all age. It guarantees tons of fun for everyone!

The rules are mostly taken from 8 ball pools – two players (or two small teams) and 15 balls to put in. One can use their heads or legs to hit the balls; first team hits those numbered 1 to 7, and the opponents – 9 to 15. 8 ball is obviously the last to be hit and… you can celebrate victory!

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