Stag Party in Warsaw – great idea for a stag night for football fans

If the groom-to-be has been showing his passion in spots, especially in football, you just have to take a proper care for the organized stag party to be at least to some extent connected with said topic. This article provides a great idea for a memorable stag party in Warsaw for a football aficionado that can be taken advantage of at any time. Let us begin!

Where to organize a stag party in Warsaw for a football fan?

On that night, you are going to compete for a real football trophy! Erm…I may be exaggerating a bit – you probably know that the original one is worth approximately EUR 10 million. However, you can still organize an astoundingly fun football competition with your friends!

What to start with?

It is the time to choose a place for the game to be organized in. It is really important for it not to be too distant from yet another point of the agenda of fun during your stag night, but I am getting ahead of myself. You can choose from a sports hall, a balloon, a local stadium, or a more spacious area filled with sand. The surface is of no importance, as you are going to be playing a slight variation of traditional football? A variation? Yes – we want to offer you bubble football. It is a kind of game in the case of which gravity does not exist, all shots are spectacular, as well as there are no limitations with regard to age or physical fitness. Your belly will ache due to endless laughing and great fun!

Top spot for organizing bubble football matches in Warsaw?

Each year in May, the Poniatówka Beach becomes our summer hot spot for bubble football games and activities alike. It is the place where we play 4 most entertaining football variations.

A professionally prepared pitch, warm sand, great music, and close proximity of the Old Town will make the discussed location became your favorite one in 2018. We are more than sure that it will be the same this year.

After the match, the winning team will be awarded with a trophy. There is also going to be an unusual gift for the groom-to-be. Your initiative will be of utmost importance there. You know which team the man loves and what footballer he always watches with a true smile on his face. It may be difficult to get Cristiano’s signature, but you may be able to get hold of a football with signatures of the representatives of his most favorite team? You may look for such items on an auction-oriented website.

In such moments as stag nights, honesty and warm heart are paramount. Remember that the groom-to-be participates in a given event thanks to you and that he will surely appreciate your companionship.

Is it the end of surprises connected with the organized stag night? Warsaw has a lot more to offer. What? Read on!  

After the match, you may continue your stag night and go to a nearby bar to drink a jug of beer or more. You may even come across a live broadcast of an important league or international match there. While drinking beer, you will be able to decide what to do next and where to go after your very own bubble football match. What about hopping onboard of a unique club on rails and taking part in the famous TRAM PARTY?

Regardless of the further course of your party, you will be sure of one thing – the person for whom the stag night will be organized in Warsaw will be more than happy. It may not be as thrilling as the stag night organized by Robert Lewandowski, but you will surely gain respect and everlasting gratitude of the groom-to-be. Not only will he be able to meet with all his greatest friends, but he will be also moved that you have not failed to remember about his passion. The day will be full of sports, great fun, bumper balls, bubble football, tasty beer, as well as will end with receiving a personalized gift. What more can one ask for? Do you know what is the best part of such an offer? It is the fact that the Gmoods Team will help you organize a remarkable part of the entire undertaking. Let us know when you want the party to take place and we will take care of the rest.