Warsaw Stag – inspirations for 2018

Warsaw stag activities – Funny Football Center gives you numerous options

Anyone in search of amazing football oriented warsaw stag activities need look no further than our website. Last year, we have created a revolutionary funny football center in Warsaw. Unique games like bubble football, electric shock football, binocular football or snookball might serve as a perfect option for upcoming bachelor party in Warsaw. It appears to be a natural choice for all best man who search for adrenaline packed get-togethers that are about to strengthen the bonds between lads or simply wow the groom with unusual form of entertainment.

How does it all start? Firstly, you need to play a bit with the event creator presented within the main page. Configure the date, time, stag activities and share basic contact info with us. We will then start working on the unique stag party scenario for you that might start like this…

… taxies park by your hotel (you can always upgrade your basic package with transfers options), you jump in and minutes later the groom and of course – you guys are at one of our premium sports location. Hi 5 with your pro-trainer, short visit in changing rooms and time for football, bloody hell!

When happen next depends not only on choices that you’ve made while configuring your event but also on your group’s physical disposition on the date. Assigned gmoods’ animator is at your disposal and ready to arrange different activities using various devices like mentioned binoculars that play with your vision.
Nothing bonds blokes quite like healthy competition. So as to add more of it you can think of awards for the groom and the winning team. It will add the flavor to your experience and create natural bridge to next part of your bachelor party. There are plenty of warsaw stag activities that can be mixed but the most popular among our groups are:

A_ Warsaw shooting range experience for the winning team
B_ exclusive limo drive back to the hotel
C_ hot babe sexy dance in a limo (win as many matches as possible, gather as many point as possible and rescue hot babe who gonna thank you with a sexy dance in a limo
D_ no matter who is the winner, you might have something for everybody – 1 hour long bus party ride through the remarkable city of Warsaw (Party Bus option that parks just by the sports hall)

If you plan warsaw stag you should check more options on http://www.buddybanana.com. Guys from BuddyBanana make sure that all activities they present are carefully tested, delivered by best providers. What is more, they’re locals so share lots of insights on how to spend amazing moments in Warsaw. Free series of iconohraphics called ‘99 amazing warsaw stags for just 99PLN/day’, interesting and in-depth articles on top things to do in Warsaw are only a few out of tens examples of great content they share with us.

They have recently added some guides presenting top British / French picks in Warsaw (British Warsaw – things to do in Warsaw, French Warsaw – things to do in Warsaw)

Warsaw stag – trending activities in 2017 and Q1 of 2018

We spoke with warsaw stag party planners at BuddyBanana and asked them about most popular activities in 2018. There are few of them – shooting range, paintball, go-karting, of course bubble football but there are some Warsaw stag rising stars like boat parties, tram parties and interactive horror house experience.

Best Warsaw stag party idea in Feb 2018 was professional studio video footage recording by the stag group. It is meant to be a gift for the groom to be displayed during the wedding and best man speech. Lads ordered cameramen to catch best moments while they party or simply enjoy chosen activities. This mixed with studio effects created a great piece of work – the real tear-jerker for the groom.

Warsaw stag – which package is most popular so far in 2018?

Actually there are two of them
1st most popular Warsaw stag – go-karting + shooting range
2nd most popular Warsaw stag – bubble football + tram party

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