Bubble football stag party in Kraków – football with a twist minute by minute

Bubble football is the newest craze that has taken Poland by storm and no wonder – it’s hilarious to participate in and actually equally funny to watch. Hence, it is definitely worth considering as an interesting option for your upcoming Stag Party.

Gmoods crew which is the official bubble football games operator in Poland (Warsaw, Kraków) is renowned for its top quality service and outstanding ability to make any stag they host the exceptional one. While others just pack the lads inside the giant bubbles and let them to their own devices, Gmoods animates every minute of your stag so that both the groom and his best friends remember it for a lifetime.

1st rental hour starts from some organizational stuff – while part of the Gmoods crew inflates balls the other part is running workout for you to boost your strength, agility, endurance and flexibility. This part takes approximately 20 minutes.
As soon as the balls are ready and the team is appropriately warmed up, from now on, you all can expect fun, craziness, big hits and huge smiles.

15 mins of 5-a-side game for the beginning. Then some hilarious mini-games – Spartacus (two teams are facing each other, the goal is to put down every players of the opposing team; once a player touches the ground with his bubble, he is automatically eliminated and must retreat to one of the four corners of the court; the number of points of the winning team will be counted based on the number of players who are still standing), Defend the chief (two teams are facing each other, before the beginning of the game, each team must select a chief; as soon as the whistle is blown, the two teams compete with the objective of putting down the general of the opposing side; all players, except the chief, can fall down and get up without being eliminated from the game) or fighting cocks, then another 10 mins of 5-a-side but this time with bigger fitness ball.

Bubble football is a great way to let loose and have fun with your friends on the stag’s big day out. Guaranteed to have you all in tear from laugher by the end of the day.